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Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Pelvic Floor Strengthening
Pelvic Floor Strenghthening
Cosmetic Gynaecology treatment

Strengthen your core with pelvic floor restoration.

Strengthening the pelvic floor entails relaxing and contracting the muscles that support the bladder, uterus and rectum, thereby enhancing bladder and bowel function and preventing pelvic organ prolapse.


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Pelvic Floor Strengthening Proficiency

Empower your core, unleash your strength, pelvic floor strengthening and lay the groundwork for a lifetime of success.

Pelvic floor strengthening Treatment

Pelvic floor strengthening exercises strengthen pelvic organ support muscles. Biofeedback, electrical stimulation and Kegel exercises are examples. It improves bladder and bowel control, prevents pelvic organ prolapse and boosts sexual function. Treatment duration and intensity depend on the patient's needs and condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A weak pelvic floor can be caused by a number of things, such as pregnancy and childbirth, getting older, being overweight, having chronic constipation and some medical conditions.

Yes, men can also benefit from pelvic floor exercises. They can help with urinary incontinence, problems with getting an erection and other problems with the pelvic floor.

At least three times a day, you should do pelvic floor exercises. Over time, you can slowly increase the number of repetitions and the length of the exercises.

Biofeedback is a method that uses sensors to track muscle activity and give the person information about it. It can help people learn how to contract and relax their pelvic floor muscles in the right way.

In general, pelvic floor exercises are safe and don’t have any major side effects. But it’s important to do the exercises right so that you don’t strain or hurt other muscles.

It could take a few weeks or months for pelvic floor exercises to make a big difference. Getting the best results from the exercises depends on how often and how hard you do them.

Pelvic Floor Strengthening

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