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Management of high risk pregnancy

Management of high risk pregnancy
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Expertly navigating high-risk pregnancy.

High-risk pregnancies put the mother and foetus at risk before, during and after delivery. High-risk pregnancies need close monitoring, specialised care and possibly interventions to reduce complications.


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High Pregnancy Management Proficiency

Comprehensive management for a joyful voyage, achieving new heights in pregnancy care.

Managing higher risk pregnancy Process

Multiple gestations, advanced maternal age, pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes or hypertension and a history of pregnancy complications can increase the risk of complications.. Hence high-risk pregnancy management improves maternal and foetal outcomes by providing comprehensive care and minimising complications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A pregnancy can be considered high-risk for a number of reasons, such as the age of the mother, health problems she already has or complications that happen during the pregnancy, associated Medical co-morbidities 

High-risk pregnancies are managed with a personalised care plan that may include more appointments, more monitoring, specialised care and timely interventions.

No, not always. Some high-risk pregnancies may need to be delivered by C-section but many women can safely give birth vaginally with the right care and monitoring.

Nutrition is an important part of taking care of a high-risk pregnancy. It can help prevent problems like gestational diabetes and early labour.

Some things, like age, can’t be done to prevent high-risk pregnancies. But keeping a healthy lifestyle, taking care of any health problems you already had and getting the right prenatal care can help prevent problems.

Postpartum care is an important part of taking care of a high-risk pregnancy. It may involve keeping an eye on any complications that happened during the pregnancy and taking care of them.

Management of high-Risk Pregnancy

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