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Painless Labour

Painless Labour
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Creating life without pain.

Painless labour also called pain-free childbirth or pain-controlled childbirth, is a way for a mother to give birth without being in a lot of pain.


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Painless Labour Proficiency

Embrace the joy of childbirth, painless labour and a smooth transition into parenthood.

Painless Labour Excellence

"Epidural analgesia," or painless labour, involves injecting medication into the lower back's epidural space. This provides pain relief and allows the mother to remain conscious and alert during childbirth by blocking pain signals to the brain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A medication is injected into the epidural space in the lower back, blocking pain signals from reaching the brain, in order to achieve a painless labour.

Painless labour doesn’t hurt the baby’s health, but it can make the baby’s heart rate and behaviour change for a short time.

Some possible side effects of painless labour are a drop in blood pressure, a fever and itching, headache.

Having a painless labour shouldn’t affect your ability to breastfeed, but you should always talk to your doctor or a lactation consultant if you have any worries.

Labour that doesn’t hurt can sometimes slow down the process, but this isn’t always the case.

Yes, you may still feel the pressure of contractions during painless labour but the pain is much less.

Painless Labour

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