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Male (Urinary Leakage Treatment)

Male (Urinary Leakage Treatment)
Urinary Leakage Treatment
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Male stress urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine in males caused by weak pelvic floor muscles, usually after surgery or medical conditions.


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Male Urinary Leakage Treatment

Pelvic floor muscle exercises, lifestyle changes, behavioural therapy and urethral inserts or penile clamps may treat male stress urinary incontinence. Sling or prosthetic urinary sphincter surgery may be recommended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, the diagnostic process includes a review of the patient’s medical history, a physical examination, a urinalysis and potentially additional tests such as urodynamic studies or cystoscopy.

Yes, non-surgical treatments such as pelvic floor exercises, behavioural therapies and the use of devices such as urethral inserts or penile clamps are frequently effective in managing the condition.

No, surgery is an option, especially for severe conditions. Surgical interventions may include sling procedures or the implantation of an artificial urinary sphincter.

In some cases, treating and managing the underlying medical condition that causes incontinence can result in symptom improvement or resolution.

In many cases, male stress urinary incontinence can be effectively treated or improved, resulting in a significant reduction of symptoms or even complete resolution.

Yes, lifestyle changes such as controlling fluid intake, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding bladder irritants, and practising bladder training techniques can help alleviate symptoms.

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