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Lipedema Treatment

Lipedema Treatment

Take back control of your physique. Look for lipedema treatment now.

Experience lasting relief from lipedema symptoms. Explore effective lipedema treatment in Kakinada and feel empowered to take charge of your well-being.

Lipedema Treatment Now Available

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Lipedema treatment in kakinada
Lipedema Treatment Now Available

Say goodbye to discomfort. Explore effective lipedema treatment options and reclaim your confidence.

Put an end to your distress. Explore effective treatment options for lipedema to regain your confidence. Lipedema should not restrict your existence. Today, assume authority over your health and wellbeing.


What is Lipedema?

Lipedema Is Generally Confused With Obesity. Lipedema, Is A Painful Hereditary Disorder, Typically It Leads To A Pattern Of Adipose Tissue (Fat) Accumulation From The Hips To The Ankles, Arms And Other Parts Of The Body. Lipedema May Be Found In Women Of All Shapes And Sizes.

Get effective Lipedema treatment in Kakinada. Our experienced medical professionals provide personalized care to improve quality of life.
Lipedema Treatment

Lipedema Treatment Proficiency

Don't let lipedema control your life. Find a personalized treatment plan and start your journey towards a healthier you

Lipedema Treatment

We Evaluate Patients To Determine The Required Treatment Modality And Plans A Comprehensive Treatment Plan. Compression Therapy And Lymphatic Massages May Be Essential As A Part Of The Treatment Process. Some May Require Treatment For Spider Veins And Varicose Veins Before Liposuction Can Be Planned.

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Lipedema treatment in kakinada
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Frequently Asked Questions

Though The Exact Cause Of Lipedema Is Unknown, There Seems To Be A Genetic Predisposition With The Disease As It Has Been Observed In Majority Of Cases There Is A Family History Of The Condition. Lipedema Predominantly Affects Females Anytime From Puberty. It Is Seen In Both Thin And Obese Individuals Alike. In The Obese, Lipedema May Not Be Identified And Be Passed Of As A Part Of Obesity Even By Doctors.

Lipedema Appears To Be Hormone Related As It Is Triggered Especially During Puberty, Pregnancy, Peri-Menopause Period And After Certain Gynecological And Cancer Surgery.

This Condition Is Characterized By Large, Heavy Column Like Legs With Loss Of Contour. As The Lymphatics Get Blocked Following Expansion Of Fat Resulting In Inflammation Leading To Fibrosis Resulting In A Condition Called Lipolymphedema.

Lipedema Must Be Diagnosed Into Four Stages: Mild, Moderate, Severe And Morbid Lipedema. Dr Srinagesh Carefully Evaluates His Patients If They Are Eligible Candidates For Liposuction. Assessment Is Made With Regard To Presence Of Spider Veins And/ Or Varicose Veins Which Need To Be Treated. A Customized Treatment Plan Is Made And A Multi-Pronged Treatment Plan Is Made And Executed To Deliver The Maximum Benefit Possible.
  • Improvement In General Quality Of Life
  • Pain Free Mobility
  • Improved Body Contour
  • Improved Self-Esteem And Outlook To Life

Lipedema Is A Progressive And Often Debilitating Condition Which Affects Every Aspect Of Social, Professional And Emotional Life. Lipedema Is Also Associated With Pain And Discomfort Which Also Negatively Impacts Quality Of Life.

After Surgery The Patient Is Placed In Custom Fit Compression Garments Which They Have To Wear 24 Hours A Day For The Next 4-6 Weeks. Thereafter She Needs To Wear The Compression Garments For Atleast 12 Hours A Day For Another 4-6 Weeks.

MLD Can Be Resumed 7-10 Days After The Surgery Once A Week For 2-4 Sessions Depending On The Extent Of Surgery.

Most Of The Patients Are Quite Surprised At Their Speed Of Recovery. Dr Srinagesh Recommends A Minimum Of 1-3 Km Walk As Soon As Possible After Surgery.

Dr. Srinagesh Has Dedicated A Good Part Of His Professional Life To Care For Those Suffering From Lipedema To Lead A Healthy, Pain-Free And Happy Lives.

11-15 Out Of Every 100 Women Suffer From Varying Degrees Of Lipedema. The Cause Of Lipedema Is Unknown But There Is Evidence Pointing To Genetic And Hormonal Origin.

You May Have Lipedema If You Have Any Of The Following Symptoms:


  • Disproportionate Accumulation Of Fat On The Legs, Thighs, Hips, Buttocks, Arms Or Abdomen
  • Swelling Of Feet And Legs On Prolonged Standing Or Walking
  • Bruising Easily
  • Sensitive Skin To Touch, Extreme Tiredness, Lack Of Energy Or Generally Feeling Unwell
  • Fat Accumulation On Your Legs And Ankles Not Reducing With Diet Or Exercise
  • Development Of Knee Fat Pads
  • Developing Uneven And Lumpy Fatty Areas Like Cellulite
  • Accumulation Of Large Volume Of Fat In The Upper Arms
  • Developing A Rubbery Or Orange Peel Swelling In The Lower Abdomen

Most People Including The Medical Community Are Unaware Of The Condition Called Lipedema And Hence Misdiagnosed. Many Patients With Lipedema Are Told That They Are Obese And Should Lose Weight. Unfortunately, No Amount Of Diet Or Exercise Can Correct The Condition.

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